Vacations To Go

Medford, Jacksonville
and Crater Lake Fun

Day 1 Thursday August 13th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Spokane  
11:15 a.m. Arrive: Kennewick 142
11:45 a.m. Depart: Kennewick  
3:45 p.m. Arrive: Portland, OR 205
4:45 p.m. Depart: Portland  
6:15 p.m. Arrive: Sweet Home 94

Day 2 Friday August 14th  
  Do: Visit with Jeff, Jen, and Trish  
5:00 a.m. Depart: Corvallis  
    (Go west on Hwy 228. Go left/south on I-5. Take exit 30, then left on Hwy 62. Take the 2nd right to the hotel.)  
8:15 p.m. Arrive: Medford 210
  Lodge: Ramada Hotel and Conference Center
2250 Biddle Rd
Medford, OR

Day 3 Saturday August 15th  
Jen, Paul, Mark, Autumn:      
10:00 a.m. Do: Ani-Medford  
Ray, Sherry:      
  Depart: Medford  
    (Go back to Hwy 68 and turn left. It will become Hwy 238 and go left at Hanley Rd. On the left.)  
16 min. Arrive: Jacksonville 7
    Walk Through History Tour 10 a.m.-Sat
Meet at Courthouse-North 5th between C and D St
You’ll learn all this and more when you join us for our new historic Jacksonville walking tours!  Trace town history through its businesses, fraternal orders, churches, and public buildings from the discovery of gold to the coming of the railroad.  View early Jacksonville through the architecture of its houses and the stories of the pioneers who built and occupied them.  Visit government and commercial buildings, fraternal lodges, and homes that capture the stories of Jacksonville’s National Historic Landmark District and the people who transformed a gold rush town into Southern Oregon’s 19th Century social, governmental, and commercial hub.
    (Walk down 5th. Turn left on California.)  
    Beekman House Museum (11-3) $3
1/2 hour tour every 20 minutes
470 E California St
    (Go back left on California.)  
    Country Quilts and Crafts
214 E California
    Pico's Worldwide
160 E California
    (Turn right on 4th.)  
    Pickety Place
130 N 4th
    (Go back to California and go right.)  
    Trolley Stop Antiques
125 E California
  See: Beekman Bank Museum-Behind the Counter Tour (11-4) $3
California and 3rd
Interact with costumed docents sharing stories of late 19th Century banking practices, gold shipping, and handshake deals.  Summer tours are offered Friday through Monday between 11am and 4pm from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. 
    (Continue down 3rd. On the right side.)  
    Artist and Gardner (11-5)
130 S 3rd
    (Go back to California and turn left.)  
    Willowcreek Gifts
115 W California
    Terra Firma Gifts
135 W California
    Pot Rack
140 W California
    Scheffels Toys & More
180 W California
    (Continue on California. Turn left on Oregon St. Turn right on Fir St.)  
  Do: Dr. Livingston, I Presume? Letterbox  
    (Go back down Fir St. Turn left on Oregon St. It will become Old Stage Rd. Turn right on Ross Ln. Go left on Hanley Rd. It will go right and become Pine St. in Central Point. When it crosses the freeway go left on Peninger Rd.)  
11 min.  

Let's Go to the Fair-Box D-Popcorn
(Try Box B & D)

    (Go back to Peninger and turn left. Go left again on Pine St. Turn left on Hamrick Rd. On the right.)  
    Cowpoke Letterbox  
    (Go back down Hamrick. Turn right on Pine St. Go left onto I-5. Take exit 21 right. Continue right on W. Valley View Rd. Go left on Hwy 99. Turn right on Talent. Go right on Creekside.)  
If time do: 17 min. Incredible Facts About Dragons: Dragons and Dinosaurs 14
    (Go left on Talent. Turn left again on E. Rapp Rd. Go left on Hwy 99. Turn right on W. Valley View Rd. Go right to enter I-5 north. Take exit 30 right. Go right on Hwy 62. Take the 2nd right to the hotel.)  
15 min. Arrive: Medford 11
  Lodge: Ramada Hotel and Conference Center
2250 Biddle Rd
Medford, OR

Day 4 Sunday August 16th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Medford  
    (Go right on Hwy 62. Take the 3rd left on Rogue Valley Expressway. It will enter and go left on Crater Lake Hwy 62. At the junction with Hwy 227, continue right on Hwy 62. Turn left on Munson Valley Rd.)  
  Arrive: Mazama Village 71
10:40 a.m. Arrive: Crater Lake National Park 7
14 min. See: Steel Information Center  
    Lady of the Woods Trail (.7 mile) 120 ft. gain, 30 minutes, behind visitor center  
    Castle Glen Wildflower Trail  
  Arrive: Rim Village  
    Sinnott Memorial Overlook  
    Rim Village Visitor Center  
    Crater Lake Lodge  
  Do: Rim Drive east  
  See: Phantom Ship Overlook  
2:00 p.m.   Plaikni Falls Walk (2 miles roundtrip) 100 ft.gain 1.5 hour tour 1.2
    Cloudcap Overlook  
    Cleetwood Trail  
2 hrs. Arrive: Bend 105
2 hrs. Arrive: Sweet Home 96

Day 5 Monday August 17th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Sweet Home  
11:00 a.m. Arrive: Portland 101
3:15 p.m. Arrive: Kennewick 205
5:30 p.m. Arrive: Spokane 142