Vacations To Go


Exploring Yakima County & More


Day 1 Friday September 3rd  
4:30 p.m. Depart: Spokane  
6:30 p.m. Arrive: Pasco  
  See: Country Mercantile (7-8)
232 Crestloch Rd
7:00 p.m. Depart: Pasco  
    (Continue left on Hwy 395. It will become 397. Turn right on Ainsworth. Go left across the bridge. Take the 1st right on Columbia Dr. Turn right on Clover Island Dr. Go right to the end.)  
20 min Arrive: Kennewick 13
  Lodge: Clover Island Inn
435 Clover Island Drive
Kennewick, WA 99336
Cancel 3 p.m. one day prior
(Queen, Wifi, fridge, microwave, hot breakfast buffet 7-10, check-out noon)


Day 2 Saturday September 4th  
10:00 a.m. Depart: Hotel  
    (Go right on Columbia Dr/Hwy 240. Go under the highway continuing straight ahead. In 5 miles turn right at the Columbia Center Blvd sign. Turn right at the stop light. At the river go right again on Columbia Park Trail. Watch for the REACH sign turning right.  
10:15 a.m.   The REACH: Pisces Letterbox
1943 Columbia Park Trail
    (Go back west on Columbia Park Trail, then left on Columbia Center Blvd. Go right/west into Hwy 240. Go left into I-182. Enterl I-82 going south. Take exit 104 left on Dallas Rd. Turn right on Ava Way.)  
16 min See:
Country Mercantile
5015 Ava Way
Richland, WA 99352
    (Go back north on I-82. Take exit 102 right onto I-182. Take exit 5A right onto Hwy 240. Turn right on Entiat.)  
17 min See: Infinite Frontiers Collectibles (12-5)
419 W Entiat Ave
  Depart: Kennewick  
    (Go back to Hwy 240 and turn left. At I-182 turn left. Enter I-82 right/north. Take exit 82 at Prosser. Go left on Wine Country Rd. Turn left on Benson Ave, which will become Meade. Just past 6th on Meade.)  
37 min Arrive: Prosser 35
  See: The Rustic Rooster Antiques (10-4) (Right side)
709 6th St
    Tipsy Chicks and Treasures (10-4) (Left side)
701 6th St
    (Go back to 6th and turn left/north. Turn right on Bennett Ave to the Chamber of Commerce.)  
    Sage Rat Run Letterbox (Visitor Center on left.)  
  Depart: Prosser  
    Go back right/west on Bennett. Jog lef ton Richard and right to enter Hwy 22/east. At Mabton go left on Main/Mabton-Bickleton Rd.)  
45 min Arrive: Bickleton 38
Bluebird houses-
Turn right on Cemetery Rd. Turn left on Pine Creek Rd. Turn left on Nelson Rd. Then back left on Bickleton Hwy.
    Mountain Bluebird Letterbox (100F Cemetery-1885)  
  Depart: Bickleton  
    (Continue on Mabton-Bickleton Rd. On the left corner of Broadway in Goldendale.)  
50 min Arrive: Goldendale 38
    Finders Keepers Thift Store (10-5)  
    (Continue left on Broadway. Hotel on the right. Turn left on Chatfield and right on Main St.)  
  Do: Dinner-
Gees Family Restaurant (10:30-9:30) Chinese (left side)
Uncle Tony's Pizza (12-7) Also salads and sandwiches (right side)
Hot Rods (11-2 am) (left side)
Simcoe Cafe (11-12 am) (right side)
DQ (back by Hwy 97 & Broadway)
    (On Broadway, at the flashing traffic signal, turn north on Columbus Ave. Proceed l/2 mile towards the end of the cemetery. Turn right at the junction following the signs.)  
Goldendale Observatory State Park
3:00 p.m.   Solar Program  
9:00 p.m.   Goldendale Summer Evening Program  
  Lodge: Ponderosa Motel
775 E Broadway
(Queen, full breakfast, microwave, refrigerator, AC, 24 hr cancellation)

Day 3 Sunday September 5th  
    (Turn right on Hwy 142/Broadway. On the right side.)  
10:00 a.m. See:
Presby Mansion Museum and Klickitat County Historical Society
(10-4) $5
411 N Grant
  Depart: Goldendale  
    (Go left on Broadway/Hwy 142. Go left/north onto Hwy 97. Turn left on 144 and take an immediate right. At the junction go left. Enter Pumphouse Rd going left. Turn right on Lateral C Rd. Go left on Fort Rd. Turn left on Signal Peak Rd. Go right on Fort Simcoe Rd.)  
1 hr 20 min Arrive: Fort Simcoe 70
Fort Simcoe State Historic Park
(9:30-4:30 Wed-Sun)
3 Captain's Houses, Commander's House & Blockhouse
  Depart: Fort Simcoe  
    (Go right on Fort Simcoe Rd. Turn left on Signal Peak Rd. Turn right on Fort Rd. Go left on Lateral A Rd. Go right on Wapato Rd. After the Dollar Tree go left on Donald Rd. Go through I-82. Take the 1st right on the dirt road. On the right. If you can't see it, go back on Donald Rd and pull over to get a picture.)  
Donald Schoolhouse or Church
    (Enter I-82 going right/north. Take exit 38. It will go through the highway left on Main St. Immediately on the right side.)  
40 min Arrive: Union Gap 32
  See: Granny's Attic (10-4)
4215 Main St
    (Turn right on Ahtanum by the Shell Station.)  
Pioneer Cemetery

117 E Ahtanum Rd
(Oldest grave is 1865.)
    (Come out on Ahtanum. Turn right on Main St. It will become 1st. Go right on Mead. Turn right on 11th. On the right side before the turn.)  
    Union Gap Goodwill (10-8)
Behind MOD Pizza
1907 S 1st
    (Go back up 11th. Turn left on Mead. Turn right on 1st. Look for Sonic on the right. Turn right at Nob Hill Blvd.)  
10 min Arrive: Yakima 4
    SONIC: Too Tot Ta Trot Letterbox  
    Go through the light onto Nob Hill Blvd west. Go right on 40th. Turn right on Tieton.)  
    Goodwill (9-8)
3710 Tieton
  Lodge: Ramada by Wyndham Yakima $80.55
1001 Staff Sgt Pendleton Way
(Queen/King, Pool, breakfast, same price for accessible)
Cancel 24 prior to 4 p.m. day of arrival

Day 4 Monday September 6th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Yakima  
    (Turn left on 9th. Go left again on Yakima Ave. Enter I-82 going north. Take exit 3 right. At Thrall Rd go left and an immediate left on Number 6 Rd. Go through I-90. Take the 3rd right on Kittitas Hwy. Turn right on Ferguson Rd.)  
9:40 a.m. Arrive: Ellensburg 37
Olmstead Place Historical State Park

921 N Ferguson Rd.
Seaton Cabin & Schoolhouse 1875
  Depart: Ellensburg  
    (Go back north on Ferguson Rd. Turn right on Kittatas Hwy. In Kittitas go right on Main St. On the right side. Continue right/south on Main St. Jog left on Railroad, then right on Main St. Enter I-90 going left/east. Take exit 136. Go left on Main St. Turn right on Gingko Ave.)  
25 min. Arrive: Vantage 22
  See: Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
4511 Huntzinger Rd
Interpretive Center (11-6)
Gingko Hiking Trail (2 miles west) .25 mile paved loop trail
  Depart: Vantage  
    (Go back down Ginko and Main St to the freeway. Enter I-90 going east.)  
2 hrs
20 min
Arrive: Spokane, WA 148