Vacations To Go


Day 4- Monday- July 19th


Day 4 Monday July 19th  
  Do: Own Breakfast  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Sparks-Reno  
    (Go right on Victorian and left on Rock Blvd. Enter I-80 going right/west. Go right to go south on I-580. Take exit 25B south on Virginia St. Go left on Hwy 341. At the end of town.)
Geiger Lookout Wayside Park-The Geiger Grade [is] a twisting mountain road built in 1862 to haul silver from the Comstock Lode. The road gets its name from Davison M. Geiger, a local physician who financed its construction. Daredevils with four-wheel-drive vehicles still take the old grade. But most drivers should stick to the newer Geiger Grade (built in 1936), Highway 341. Cutting through the same scenic area, it begins in the valley south of Reno off Highway 395 and winds its way through a rocky landscape dotted with junipers. At the 4.6-mile point there's a turnout with spectacular views of the Sierra and a plaque paying tribute to Dr. Geiger. Down toward the valley, you'll see the old, snaking, unpaved route. The new road curls over the mountains and south into historic Virginia City. It was once a rough town, but these days it's a pretty nice place to stay.
9:40 a.m. Arrive: Virginia City, NV 26
    (Drive south on Hwy 341. On the left side.)  
Fourth Ward School (10-5)
537 C St
Tamra places letterbox
Built November 28, 1876. Students of all ages attended the Fourth Ward School, situated at the south end of Virginia City’s C Street. The Primary Department contained first through fourth grades. Fifth and sixth graders were enrolled in the Second Grammar Department. Eighth and ninth graders pursued their education in the Fourth Ward’s High School Department, which earned the distinction of awarding diplomas to the first students in Nevada to complete all nine grades. By 1909, the Fourth Ward’s curriculum had expanded to include instruction through the twelfth grade.

From the turn of the century through the 1920s, Fourth Ward teachers educated hundreds of students, but the declining fortunes of the mining district and diminishing population caused the student body to shrink. By the mid-1930s, less than 200 students attended the Fourth Ward School. The building was in need of repair and it seemed to be an obsolete relic from another era. When federal New Deal funding provided an opportunity to build a modern structure, the community jumped at the chance. Situated in the middle of Virginia City, Storey County Middle School was originally an all-class replacement for the Fourth Ward School, which closed its doors after its last seniors graduated in 1936.

Abandoned to the elements, the Fourth Ward School seemed doomed. State grants in 1964 and 1984 rescued the structure, giving it the promise of a brighter future. A grant from the Nevada Humanities Committee funded a museum in the building, which reopened in 1986, fifty years after closing. Since that time, the Fourth Ward School Museum has received hundreds of thousands of visitors ranging from school groups to foreign tourists. With diverse programming, a changing gallery, and engaging exhibits, the Fourth Ward School has once again become a community center and a remarkable setting for those wishing to learn about the glorious past of Virginia City and the Comstock Lode.

    (Drive back up Hwy 341. Park near Sutton at the other end of town.)  
  See: Town, Shops  
    Forever Christmas Gift Shop (10-5 daily)
88 N C St
    Virginia City Antique Mall
54 N C St
    Barrel O Candy
38 N C St
    Grandma's Fudge Factory (10-6)
20 N C St
    Delta Gift Shop (10-7)
22 S C St
    Historic Sundance Gift Shop (10-5)
32 S C St
    Red Old Fashioned Candy (11-6)
68 S C St
    The Pioneer Emporium & Virginia City Hat Maker (10-5)
144 S C St
    Virginia City Kettle Corn Depot-candy (11-5 Sun, 10-4 Mon-Thurs, 11-4 Fri, 10-5 Sat)
188 S C St
    (Keep walking down to the next corner. Cross the street and go straight ahead on Flowery St.)  
Mackay Mansion Museum
291 S D St
1859 Victorian mansion
    Primrose Antiques (10:30-4:30)
182 S C St
    (Cross the street.)  
    Firehouse Creamery
145 S C St
(Ice Cream, deli sandwiches and candy)
    The Super Chicken Gift Shop
109 C St
    Virginia City Mercantile (9-7)
85 S C St
    Reflections Antiques (11-4)
79 N C St
2:00 p.m. Depart: Virginia City  
    (Go south on Hwy 342. It will become Hwy 341. Go right on Hwy 50. Continue straight ahead in Carson City.)  
  Do: Gas -Smith's or Carson Central. Go right on Carson to Sinclair. 15
    (Go back on Williams to I-580. Go right/south. Go left/south on Hwy 395. It will left at Minden. Go left/east on Hwy 270.)  
4:40 p.m. Arrive: Bodie 106
Bodie State Park (9-6) $8 per adult/$5 child under 18
  Do: Leaning Hotel Letterbox  
  Depart: Bodie  
    (Head out of Bodie, but stop at the "Gate ahead" yellow triangle. It will face the other direction.)  
  Do: Ain't No Steer Here! Letterbox  

(Continue on Hwy 270. Look for sign that reads "Welcome to Bodie Hills-protect & Enjoy." It will face the other direction.

  Do: The Wild, Wild West...Bodie (3) Letterbox  
    (Continue on Hwy 270. At the junction with Hwy 395 stop and finish letterbox. Then turn right/north on Hwy 395.)  
    (Continue on Hwy 270. 3 miles from town stop at the "Bodie State Park 3 miles sign.")  
    The Red Baron Visits Bodie Letterbox  
48 min Arrive: Bridgeport, CA 25

Dinner- Bridgeport Inn-Prime Rib is our house specialty! Steaks, Fresh Seafood, Char broiled Chicken, and Pasta dishes are also on our daily menu. Our comfort entrees Grandmas Pot Roast and our homemade Meatloaf are favorites for the weary traveler looking for a great meal reasonably priced after a long day traveling or having enjoyed our mountain trails. Our fresh daily specials including Fresh Fish vary but often include our Famous Marinated Rack Of Lamb and select cuts of Harris Ranch Beef. $16.95-$36.95, chicken tenders $12.96

Rhinos Bar & Grille $10.50-$25, Sportsmen's Bar & Grill $8.25-$27.75 (bread pudding)

  Lodge: Bridgeport Inn (Built in 1877)
205 Main St
Bridgeport, CA
(760) 932-7380
Cancel by midnight on July 15th; Office closes at 9, but she will leave keys taped to the door if late.
Barb, Tamra & Tim $144.48-3 Dbl
Autumn, Mark & Paul $122.08-2 Queens
Ray & Sherry $122.08-2 Queens
(AC, mountain view)