Vacations To Go


Day 13- Wednesday- July 28th


Day 13 Wednesday July 28th  
  Do: Own breakfast or Pig 'N Pancake  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Astoria  
    (Go left out of the parking lot on Marine Dr. Go past the Les Schwab and turn right on Fort Stevens Hwy/Hwy 104S. Turn left on Main St/Hwy 104. Take the next right on 18th. it will become Ridge Rd. Go left on Peter Iredale Rd.)  
9:20 a.m. Arrive: Ft. Stevens 10
  See: Peter Iredale  
  Depart: Ft. Stevens  
    (Go back out on Delaura Beach Ln. Go right on NW Ridge Rd. Go left on 9th St and left again on Hwy 104/Main St. Turn right on Harbor Dr. Go left on Hwy 101.)  
24 min. Arrive: Astoria 10
  See: Abandoned boat  
    (Go back to Hwy 101 and cross the bridge. Continue left on Hwy 101. Go right on Pacific/Hwy 103.)  
34 min. Arrive: Long Beach 19
  See: Abandoned amusement park  
  Depart: Long Beach  
    (Go back on Pacific/Hwy 103. Go left on Hwy 101. At Hwy 4 go left on Hwy 101. At Montesano go right on Hwy 8. Go right on Hwy 101. At Olympia enter I-5 north. Take exit 133 right then left on I-705. When the highway ends go left on Stadium Way. Go left on 4th and take the 1st left on Broadway. Just before 7th on the left.)  
2 hr 35 min Arrive: Tacoma 141
  Do: Dinner- McMenamins Pub at Elks Temple (8am-10pm)
565 Broadway
(253) 300-8754
    (Go right on Broadway. Turn right on 4th and right again on Stadium Way. Enter I-705. Enter I-5 left. Take exit 143 left on 320th. Turn right on Pete von Reichbauer Way. Go left on 316th Pl.)  
20 min Arrive: Federal Way 13
  Lodge: Comfort Inn $145
31622 Pacific Hwy South
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 529-0101
(Grab & Go Breakfast, 2 queens, AC, Refrigerator, Microwave, Hairdryer)