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The August Long Weekend


Day 1

Day 2

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Day 5

Day 6


Day 1 Thursday August 9th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Spokane  
    (Go west on I-90. Take Hwy 395 south at Ritzville.)  
11:15 a.m. Arrive: Kennewick 142
  Do: Gas & Lunch  
12:15 p.m. Depart: Kennewick  
    (Continue on Hwy 395 south. Enter I-82 south. Enter I-84 west. Take exit 76. Go left under the freeway. Turn right to enter Hwy 30 going right/west.)  
  See: Rowena Crest Viewpoint 142
    (Keep going on Hwy 30. Just as you are entering Mosier. Turn left on Kingdom St. Turn right on 2nd. Park on street and walk west through the parking lot of Mosier Creek Terrace until you reach the defined trail heading South up the hill; cemetery is approximately 100 feet up the trail.)  
    Pioneer Cemetery
City founder Jonah Mosier, erected a lumber mill here in the mid-1850’s high on the hill above the town. When his wife, Jane Mosier (mother of seven children) died in 1865 at the age of 41 she was the first to be buried in what would become the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery. The City has recently voted to allow new burials on the grounds -the first in 100 years. It is a beautiful walk with views of the town, the Columbia and swirling cauldron of Mosier Creek.
Jane Rollins Mosier 1865
    (Go back on 2nd. Turn left on Kingdom. Enter Hwy 30 going left/west. Enter I-84 going west. Take exit 64 for Highway 35, White Salmon, and Government Camp. After exiting turn left across the freeway onto Hwy 30. Head up for 0.4 miles to a four-way intersection. Turn left here for the Historic Highway State Park. Wind up the hill for 1.2 miles and turn left into the parking area at Mark O. Hatfield Western Trailhead.)  
  Do: Bridge Street Letterbox 2007 7
    (Go back down the hill. Turn right on Hwy 30. Enter I-84 going left/west. Take I-205 north. Take exit 24A. Turn right at the Cascade Station sign. Stay in the right lane. It will swirl around to the right onto Lombard and cross the freeway. Turn left on Cascades Pkwy. On your left just behind Pet Smart.)  
  Arrive: Portland, OR 58
    Best Buy
9739 NE Cascades Pkwy
Portland, OR 97220
    (Continue east through the parking lots, if you wish to eat here.)  
    Dinner:Famous Dave's BBQ, Red Robin, Original Wow Burger, By Design Pizza (see below for another option)  
(Go back right on Cascades Pkwy. Go right on Mt. Hood/Lombard. Turn right on Airport Way. Enter I-205 right/south. Take exit 21A/Glisan right. Take a left on Glisan, then the 2nd right on 99th. Turn right on Stark. On the right side.)
  Do: Check-in Hotel  
  Optional: (Go right on Stark. Turn left on 92nd. Turn right on Division. After 40th turn right on Cesar E Chavez Blvd. Turn left on Hawthorne.)  
  Do: Dinner-McMennamins Bagdad Theater & Pub (3 pm-1:30 am)
    (Go back right on Hawthorne. Turn right on 50th. Go left on Division. Turn left on 96th. It will become 99th. Go left on Stark. On the right side.)  
  Arrive: Hotel 5
  Lodge: Ramada by Wyndham Portland $219.53
9707 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97216
(Confirmation Number: 1426104399-6451, 2 dbl beds, breakfast, hot tub)


Day 2 Friday August 10th  
8:00 a.m. Depart: Portland  
    (Go right on Stark. Enter I-205 north. It will enter I-5. Take exit 49 right on Hwy 504. )  
9:00 a.m. Arrive: Castle Rock 57
    (Continue on Hwy 504 west.)  
  Arrive: Mt St. Helens National Monument  
  See: Visitor Center $5/adult (9-5)
Inside, visitors can enjoy a variety of interpretive displays that include comprehensive information on local history, geology, and re-growth and recovery of the land in the years immediately after the eruption.
Displays include:
  • Large, step-in model of the volcano
  • Life-size mannequins
  • functioning seismograph and live feed of current Mount St. Helens volcano seismicity
  • Chronological timeline of events leading up to the volcanic blast on May 18, 1980
  • Theater program offered twice an hour; at :05 and :35 after. 

Outdoors, visitors can explore Silver Lake along the 0.6 mile-long trail, including boardwalks over the wetland where a variety of aquatic plants and migratory waterfowl can be viewed at different times of the year.

  See: Forest Learning Center (10-4) Free
Mile marker 33 on SR 504, this is  undoubtedly the best exhibit on the mountain. Children  will joyfully play in the playground, as well as climb into the helicopter and pretend to be flying around the  mountain. The eruption chamber is an awesome experience.     They also feature the best gift shop on the  highway.
    Johnson Ridge Observatory (May-Oct 10-6) $8 per adult
at the 52  mile marker on SR 504, is named after the volcanologist  David Johnston, who was camped out on this ridge  observing the volcano when it blew. His final words were  “Vancouver, Vancouver, this is it.” He was never found.  This site has an awesome view, as well as great  exhibits.  In the heart of the volcano’s blast zone, interpretive displays indelibly portray the sequence of geologic events that transformed the landscape and opened up a new era in the science of monitoring an active volcano and forecasting eruptions
  Depart: Johnson Ridge  
    (Go back out on Hwy 504. Enter I-5 going left/south. Take exit 36 right onto Hwy 432/Tennant Way. It will go left on 3rd. Turn left on Hwy 433 over the Columbia River. Turn right on Hwy 30. In Astoria go right to enter the road to cross the Columbia River again for Hwy 101. After crossing go left on Hwy 101. In Ilwaco it will go right on Spruce. Turn right on 1st. Go up to northwest 14th and turn left.)  
3 hrs. Lodge: Chautauquah Lodge $298.28
304 NW 14th
Long Beach, OR
(1st floor, 2 queens)
Optional:   From Johnson Ridge  
    (Go back out on Hwy 504. Enter I-5 going left/south. Take exit 22. Go left on the Old Pacific Hwy over the freeway. At the Police Dept. angle left onto Hwy 503. Take the 2nd exit at the roundabout. Continue on Hwy 503. After crossing the river it will become Rd 90. Pass the town of Cougar, and just 1 mile beyond the Swift Dam (about 35 miles from your turn off I-5), make a left onto FR 83. Proceed two miles and turn left onto FR 8303. The trailhead is on the left, a half mile away.)  
2 hr 22 min Arrive: Trail of Two Forest Interpretive Site
This trail loops through two forests that stand side by side, but are separated in age by 2000 years. One forest is old-growth Douglas-fir and western red-cedar and the other is a young forest that was originally engulfed by lava flows from an eruption of Mount St. Helens over two millennia ago. 

The other forest, known formerly as the Lava Cast Forest, encompasses three-dimensional imprints of trees in the old lava beds called lava casts. The boardwalk trail loops through the two forests, and is kid- and wheelchair-friendly.

During eruptive activity some 1900 years ago, fluid lava flowed through a stand of trees, burning them but leaving impressions where they stood or lay. This lava was quite different from the sticky type of lava that forms the dome in the crater of St. Helens today. 

When you visit the Trail of Two Forests, please stay on the trail -- the mosses and surrounding features of the forest are fragile. 

WTA Pro Tip: One attraction along the boardwalk is a ladder descending eight feet into a lava-cast tree mold. Hikers can crawl through the tree mold, an activity especially popular with youngsters. Flashlights and old, warm clothes are good preparation for the fun.
    (Continue left on 8303. Watch for the sign to Ape Caves in 2 miles. )  
    Ape Caves $5/forest pass (10-5)
The parking lot and visitor area facilities are flat and paved. A paved trail leads to the lower cave entrance, but gets rougher to reach the upper entrance. Bring 2-3 lighting sources per person. Rent a lantern for $5. 2 vault toilets.

The lower cave is the more popular route with its fairly level, mudflow-covered floor. Highlights include “railroad tracks” and the "meatball." Allow at least an hour to complete the 1.6-mile round trip. The upper cave travels over large rock piles and requires scaling of an 8-foot lava fall.

Two-thirds of the way up you will pass beneath The Skylight, an opening to the surface. Do not try to climb out; this is NOT an exit. The upper entrance is only 0.25 mile ahead.

Allow 2.5 hours for travel through the upper cave to Ape Cave Trail #239. 

To help stop the Spread of White Nose Syndrome and to Help Keep Our Caves Open please decontaminate your clothing and equipment before visiting from another cave. Please see Keep our Caves Open for more information on WNS.

    Ape Caves Letterbox  
    (Go back out on Hwy 8303. Turn right on 83. Go right again on 90. It will become Hwy 503. Enter I-5 going right/north. Take exit 36 up and over the freeway onto Hwy 432/Tennant Way. It will go left on 3rd. Turn left on Hwy 433 over the Columbia River. Turn right on Hwy 30. In Astoria go right to enter the road to cross the Columbia River again for Hwy 101. After crossing go left on Hwy 101. In Ilwaco it will go right on Spruce. Turn right on 1st. Go up to northwest 14th and turn left.)  
2 hr 41 min Arrive: Long Beach 124
  Lodge: Chautauquah Lodge $298.28
304 NW 14th
Long Beach, OR
(1st floor, 2 queens)


Day 3 Saturday August 11th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Long Beach  
    (Turn left on Hwy 103. It will go left on Joe Johns, then right on N St. It will turn left on 295th, then right on I St. Turn right on Oysterville Rd. Across from the post office.)  
9:30 a.m. Arrive: Oysterville 15
    Chief Nahcati Letterbox  
    Oysterville Historic Cemetery Letterbox  
    (Go back to Oysterville Rd. Follow it as it curves to the left.)  
    The Louise Morrison Letterbox  
10:30 a.m Depart: Oysterville  
    (Go back out on Oysterville Rd. Take the 2nd left on Sandridge Rd. Turn right on Bay St. On the right side.)  
    Forgotten Treasures Mall (10-4 Mon-Sat) (Antiques)
1904 Bay Avenue
    (Continue on Bay St. Go left on Hwy 103/Pacific Way. Turn left at Scoopers on 2nd. Travel this avenue until you find a Tsunami Siren. Turn right at the siren, and travel to the end of the gravel road, it also serves as a parking lot to the Ball fields.)  
  Do: Turtle Pond Series #4 Base-a-Ball Letterbox  
    (Go back on 2nd. Turn lefton Pacific Way/Hwy 101. Just past 13th on the right side.)  
    Long Beach Hobo Junction (10-5) (Antiques)
105 13th St SW
    (Continue right on Pacific Avenue. Just past 48th.)  
    Seaview Antique Mall (11-5)  
    (Walk right just past 47th.)  
    North Coast Antique Mall (10-5)  
    (Continue right on Hwy 101/Pacific Ave. Continue to Ilwaco. When the highway goes left, go straight ahead. Just past Lake St on the left side.)  
    Antique Gallery (11-5)  
    (Go back north/right on Hwy 101. Just past 5th on the right.)  
    Werner's Candy and Gift Shoppe (Scrappacino)
408 Pacific S
    (Just past 2nd on the right.)  
    Cottage Bakery (4am-7pm)
118 Pacific
    (Walk cross the street.)  
    Candy Man
115 Pacific S
    (Walk north.)  
    Cranberry Castle
111 Pacific S
    (Walk past Bolstad on the left.)  
    Scoopers (11-10)
101 Pacific N
    (Go back right on Pacific Hwy. Turn left on 17th. On the right side.)  
  Optional: Dinner-The Lost Roo (11:30-8:30)
1700 Pacific
  Lodge: Chautauquah Lodge
304 NW 14th
Long Beach, OR
(1st floor, 2 queens)


Day 4 Sunday August 12th  
8:00 a.m. Depart: Long Beach  
8:30 a.m. Arrive: Astoria 19
    (Exit off the bridge and turn right on Hwy 101. Continue right on Marine. Take the 2nd right at the roundabout continuing on Marine to Tapiola Park. Take the left into the middle of the park.)  
    Goonies Never Die Letterbox  
    (Go back to Marine Dr and turn left. Take the 1st right at the roundabout. Turn right on 15th St. On the left.)  
    Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe  
    (Across the street.)  
    Fort Astoria
In 1956 a replica Fort Astoria's blockhouse was constructed on the site of the early fort. Since 1956 three murals depicting the fort of 1813 have been painted on the side of a building at the site of the blockhouse. The first mural was done by Arvid Wuonola. The second mural was removed in late 1980s when the wall was repaired. The last mural, painted in 2003 local artists Roger McKay and Sally Lackaff, extends 100 feet around the 1956 recreation of the Fort's blockhouse. 
    (Continue right on 15th to Madison.)  
  Do: Remember Letterbox-Astoria Pioneer Cemetery  
    (Go back to Marine Dr and turn left. Continue to 12th. Find a place to park.)  
10:00 a.m.   Sunday Market (10-3) & Lunch
Dave Quinton & Brad Griswold Duet
Breven's Solid Gold Fudge
Crabby Addie's Fish and Chips
Crepe Neptune
Food Court
Goose Point Oysters
Himani Indian Cuisine
J&R Mexican Foods
Montealban Mexican Restaurant
Pacific Crab Company (Clam Chowder, Crab Melts)
Skamokawa Farmstead Cremery (caramels)
Smoked Salmon Chowder
Sue's Awesome Crabcakes
Svelyhia's Cuisine (Thai and Asian)
The Lunch Box (Hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled chicken)
    (From the market go west on Marine Dr 2 blocks. Turn left on 10th. On the left side.)  
    Posey Reed
234 10th
    (Go back to Marine Dr. and turn left. Go one block to 9th. On the right.)  
    Phog Bounders Antique Mall (10-5:30)
892 Marine Dr
    (Go right/north on 9th. Turn right on Commercial. On the left side.)  
    Commercial Street Antiques (10-5:30)
959 Commercial
    (Continue right/east on Commerical. Go past 11th on the left side.)  
    Old Things and Objects (10-6)
1144 Commercial
2:00 p.m. Depart: Astoria  
    (Go back west/left on Marine Dr. Take Hwy 101 across the bridge. Take the 2nd right on Harbor St. Go left/south on Hwy 104. Turn right on 9th. Turn right on Ridge Rd. Go left on Peter Iredale Rd/Burma.)  
2:15 p.m. Arrive: Ft. Stevens State Park $5/car 10
  Do: Peter Iredale
1:58 pm-high tide
    Sparrow Letterbox  
3:00 p.m. Depart: Ft. Stevens  
    (Go back out on the Peter Iredale Rd. It will go right at Burma/Peter Iredale. Turn right on Ridge Rd. It will go left and enter Hwy 104 going right/south. Enter Hwy 101. After Sons of Norway Rd take the first right to North Gateway Park-before crossing the river.)  
    Snug As a Bug Letterbox 14
3:30 p.m. Arrive: Seaside  
  Do: Shops  
    (Go back to Hwy 101 and turn left on Broadway to Broadway Park.)  
    Broadway Stars Letterbox  
    (Go back on Broadway crossing Hwy 101. Just on the right.)  
    Seaside Antique Mall (10-5)  
    (Continue right on Broadway. Make an immediate left on Holladay. At E Street.)  
    Cottage and Castle Antiques (11-5)
501 S Holladay
5:00 p.m. Depart: Seaside  
    (Continue right on E St.. Turn right on Hwy 101. In Manzanita just past the Shell Station turn right on Necarney City Rd. The road will go right on Cemetery Rd. On the right side.)  
  Do: His Eye is On the Sparrow Letterbox
Nehalem American Legion Cemetery
10755 Necarney City Rd.
    (Go back on Necarney Cemetery Road. Turn right on Hwy 101.)  
6:00 p.m. Arrive: Tillamook 24
  Do: Dinner: Tillamook Cheese Factory (8-8)
4165 US 101
7:30 p.m. Depart: Tillamook  
    (Go out the south end of the parking lot. Turn left on Latimer Rd. Turn right on Wilson River Loop. Go left on Hwy 6/Wilson River Hwy. Go right on Hwy 26. Enter I-405 south. Take exit 300 onto I-84. Take exit 6 right onto Glisan. Stay in the 2nd lane to the right. Turn left on Glisan. Turn right on 99th. Go right one block on Pine. Go left on 97th. On the left before Stark.)  
9:30 p.m. Arrive: Portland 81
  Lodge: Ramada by Wyndham Portland $219.53
9707 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97216
(Confirmation Number: 1183984395-8571, 2 dbl beds, breakfast, hot tub)


Day 5 Monday August 13th  
9:30 a.m. Depart: Hotel  
    (Go right on Stark. It will eventually go right into Thorburn St. At the junction with Gilham turn left and right again on Thorburn. It will become Stark. At Laurelhurt Park take a left on Cesar E Chavez Blvd. At the corner of Fred Meyers turn right on Hawthorne. Go just past 3 blocks. On the left.)  
  See: Jackpot Records (10-7)
3574 NE Hawthorne
    (Go right on Hawthorne. Turn right on 20th. In 7 blocks turn left on Morrison. Enter I-5 north. Take exit 302B onto I-405 south. Take exit 3 onto Hwy 30. Turn right across the St. John Bridge. Turn right on Syracuse. Go around the block and back right on Williamette Blvd. Turn left on Baltimore.)  
    Cathedral Park  
    (Go back up Baltimore. Turn right on Williamette Blvd. After quite a while go left on Rosa Parks Way. After Peace Lutheran Church turn right on Detroit. Go 2 long blocks and turn left on Ainsworth. Cross I-5 and in 4 blocks turn right on Albina. In about 6 blocks on the left.)  
    Mississippi Records (12-7)
5202 N Albina Ave
Portland, OR 97217
    (Go left on Albina for 2 blocks. Turn right on Alberta. Go left to enter I-5 south. Take exit 302B right to enter I-405 south. Take exit 2A. Continue to Burnside and turn left. On the left side.)  
    Everyday Music (10-10)
1313 W Burnside
Has records
    (Across the street.)  
  Do: Lunch- McMenamin's Ringer's Pub (11:30-late)
1332 W Burnside
2 p.m. tour of -Crystal Ballroom, Lola’s Room & Crystal Brewery
meet at Ringlers Pub (street level below the Crystal Ballroom.) The tour takes about half an hour to complete.
8 p.m. The Coastline
The Coastline is a Portland-based trio founded in 2014. The influence of a wide variety of genres has resulted in performances that range from lounge rock to synth-driven electro pop. After playing their first McMenamins show at Ringlers Pub in 2015, The Coastline have since performed at Hotel Oregon, Kennedy School, the Crystal Ballroom, The Winery at Edgefield and more. You may have even enjoyed a pint of The Coastline Fresh Hop IPA during a visit to the Ringlers Pub.
    (Walk right down Burnside.)  
    Powell's Books (9-11)
1005 W Burnside
    (Go back up Burnside towards to freeway. Turn left on 13th. At Taylor go right over the freeway and enter I-405 going south. Take exit 1C on to Broadway/Hwy 26. Angle to the right on 5th. Go left on Sheridan. In 2 blocks it will go right on 3rd and then left on Arthur. Cross Hwy 99W/Pacific Hwy. Follow Hwy 43 left under the freeway and left on Macadam. Go right on Curry. Turn left in 2 blocks on Bond. Go right on Whitaker.)  
    Portland Aerial Tram (5:30 am-9:30 pm) $4.90 roundtrip
3303 SW Bond Ave.
Portland, OR 97239
The tram is typically crowded weekdays 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm.
Many restaurants nearby the upper level
    (Turn right on Whitaker. Go left on Moody. In 2 blocks go right on Gaines. In one block turn right to enter I-5. Take I-84 right. Take exit 6 right onto I-405. Turn right on Glisan. In one block turn left on 94th. Turn left on Burnside. Cross the freeway and go right on 97th. Hotel is on the left.)  
  Lodge: Ramada by Wyndham Portland $219.53
9707 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97216
(Confirmation Number: 1183984395, 2 dbl beds, breakfast, hot tub)


Day 6 Tuesday August 14th  
  Depart: Portland  
    (Go right on Stark. Enter I-205 north. Take exit 22 to I-84. Take exit 31.)  
  See: Multnomah Falls 24
    (Enter I-84. Take exit 179 onto I-82 north. Take exit 113 right onto Hwy 395.)  
4 hrs Arrive: Kennewick 184
  Do: Lunch  
  Depart: Kennewick  
    (Continue on Hwy 395. Go right into I-182. Take exit 14 following signs to Spokane. Go north on Hwy 395. At Ritzville take I-90 right/east.)  
2.25 hrs. Arrive: Spokane 142