Vacations To Go
Day 6 Tuesday August 14th  
  Depart: Portland  
    (Go right on Stark. Enter I-205 north. Take exit 22 to I-84. Take exit 31.)  
  See: Multnomah Falls 24
    (Enter I-84. Take exit 179 onto I-82 north. Take exit 113 right onto Hwy 395.)  
4 hrs Arrive: Kennewick 184
  Do: Lunch  
  Depart: Kennewick  
    (Continue on Hwy 395. Go right into I-182. Take exit 14 following signs to Spokane. Go north on Hwy 395. At Ritzville take I-90 right/east.)  
2.25 hrs. Arrive: Spokane 142