Vacations To Go
Day 3 Saturday August 11th  
9:00 a.m. Depart: Long Beach  
    (Turn left on Hwy 103. It will go left on Joe Johns, then right on N St. It will turn left on 295th, then right on I St. Turn right on Oysterville Rd. Across from the post office.)  
9:30 a.m. Arrive: Oysterville 15
    Oysterville Historic Cemetery Letterbox  
    (Go back to Oysterville Rd. Follow it as it curves to the left.)  
    The Louise Morrison Letterbox  
10:30 a.m Depart: Oysterville  
    (Go back out on Oysterville Rd. Take the 2nd left on Sandridge Rd. Turn right on Bay St. On the right side.)  
    Forgotten Treasures Mall (10-4 Mon-Sat) (Antiques)
1904 Bay Avenue
    (Continue on Bay St. Go left on Hwy 103/Pacific Way. Turn left at Scoopers on 2nd. Travel this avenue until you find a Tsunami Siren. Turn right at the siren, and travel to the end of the gravel road, it also serves as a parking lot to the Ball fields.)  
  Do: Turtle Pond Series #4 Base-a-Ball Letterbox  
    (Go back on 2nd. Turn lefton Pacific Way/Hwy 101. Just past 13th on the right side.)  
    Long Beach Hobo Junction (10-5) (Antiques)
105 13th St SW
    (Continue right on Pacific Avenue. Just past 48th.)  
    Seaview Antique Mall (11-5)  
    (Walk right just past 47th.)  
    North Coast Antique Mall (10-5)  
    (Continue right on Hwy 101/Pacific Ave. Continue to Ilwaco. When the highway goes left, go straight ahead. Just past Lake St on the left side.)  
    Antique Gallery (11-5)  
    (Go back north/right on Hwy 101. Just past 5th on the right.)  
    Werner's Candy and Gift Shoppe (Scrappacino)
408 Pacific S
    (Just past 2nd on the right.)  
    Cottage Bakery (4am-7pm)
118 Pacific
    (Walk cross the street.)  
    Candy Man
115 Pacific S
    (Walk north.)  
    Cranberry Castle
111 Pacific S
    (Walk past Bolstad on the left.)  
    Scoopers (11-10)
101 Pacific N
    (Go back right on Pacific Hwy. Turn left on 17th. On the right side.)  
  Optional: Dinner-The Lost Roo (11:30-8:30)
1700 Pacific
  Lodge: Chautauquah Lodge
304 NW 14th
Long Beach, OR
(1st floor, 2 queens)