Vacations To Go

California Fun


Day 1 Wednesday August 2nd  
4:30 p.m. Depart: Spokane  
    (Go west on I-90. Go right/south onto Hwy 395. In Pasco go right on I-182. Take exit 12A right onto Hwy 395. Enter I-82 south. Take exit 10 right onto I-84. Take exit 84 right. Turn left under the freeway on Webber. Turn left again on 6th. Turn left on Cherry Heights Rd.)  
8:30 p.m. Arrive: The Dalles, OR 274
  Do: Gas  
  Lodge: Super 8 The Dalles $106.50
609 Cherry Heights Rd
The Dalles, OR
(541) 296-6888
(2 Queens, wifi, free breakfast, pet friendly)


Day 2 Thursday August 3rd  
8:00 a.m. Depart: The Dalles  
    (Go right on Cherry Heights Rd. Turn right on 6th. Go right east on I-84. Take exit 87 right onto Hwy 30. At the junction go left on Hwy 197. At a junction continue straight ahead on Hwy 97.)  
10:30 a.m. Arrive: Bend 131
    (Continue on Hwy 97. Turn right on Hwy 138. Follow signs left on Volcanic Legacy Scenic Hwy into the park.)  
12:30 p.m. Arrive: Crater Lake 102
  See: Crater Lake National Park $10 Car  
    The Watchman Overlook (on the left)  
    Rim Village Visitor Center (9:30-5), Cafe, Gift Shop,  
    Sinnott Memorial Overlook-  (9:30-6:30) perched on a rock ledge behind the Rim Visitor Center, features an indoor exhibit room and an open parapet with spectacular lake views. The overlook has a relief model and exhibits on the park's geology and lake research.  
2:30 p.m. Depart: Crater Lake  
    (Go back right on Rim Dr. Go left shortly on towards the Steel Vistitor Center. Go right on Hwy 62. It will go right on 4th in Gold Hill. Turn left on Dardanelles St. Turn left again on 2nd/Hwy 99. It will cross the river. Take the first right. Enter I-5 going right/north. In Grants Pass take exit 55 right on Hwy 199/Redwood Hwy.)  
4:05 p.m. Arrive: Grants Pass 82
  Do: Gas (315) and pick up something to eat as you travel  
4:20 p.m. Depart: Grants Pass  
    (Continue on Hwy 199/Redwood Hwy.)  

6:05 p.m.

Arrive: Crescent City 82
    (Continue on Hwy 199/Redwood Hwy. Enter Hwy 101 going left/south.)  
6:35 p.m. Arrive: Klamath, CA 22
    (Turn left on Ehler's Ave at the Pem-Mey Fuel Mart, then right on Klamath Blvd. On the right side.)  
  Lodge: Ravenwood Inn $81 inc tax
151 Klamath Blvd
Klamath, CA 95548
Arrive by 10 p.m.
(707) 482-5911
(2 Twins, 4 day cancellation notice, No pets or no smoking)


Day 3 Friday August 4th  
7:00 a.m. Depart: Klamath, CA  
    (Go back to Hwy 101 and turn left/south. Watch for signs to turn left.)  
7:30 a.m. Arrive: Redwoods National Park 23
  Do: Lady Bird Johnson Grove (1.5 miles, 45-60 minutes, easy-moderate) Historic walk winds through upland stands of old-growth redwood.  
    (Continue south on Hwy 101. In Eureka turn right on M St. 4 blocks down on the right.)  
8:30 a.m. Depart: Grove  
9:25 a.m. Arrive: Eureka, CA 46
  See: Carson Mansion (Private, no visitors)
143 M St
Eureka, CA
While the mansion is private, and there are no private tours
The Carson Mansion, constructed in 1884-1885, is a three story, eighteen room structure with a tower and basement. The house was designed by the Newsom Brothers of San Francisco, well-known architects throughout California. Perfectly situated to the south of his lumber mill, the Carson Mansion has become a local landmark. There are many interesting architectural points of view regarding the Mansion. It is adorned with Stick-Eastlake characteristics, and there has been much written about its Queen Anne qualities. There is reference to Gothic, Italian and French influence. The wide porches with large ornamental pillars make for a grand entrance. A complex combination of gables, turrets, cupolas, and pillars constitutes the exterior of the Mansion. The Carson Mansion is one of the most photographed structures in the world.

The Carson Mansion is a fairy tale like structure, with gables, turrets, cupolas, complex windows, porches and pillars. The second story balcony has wrought iron framework with the Masonic Order insignia (of which Carson was a member) combined with his initials, W.C.

9:30 a.m. Depart: Eureka  
    (Go back to Hwy 101 and turn right. Take exit 674. Go left and then right on Avenue of the Giants/Hwy 254.)  
11:10 a.m. Arrive: Avenue of the Giants-This world-famous scenic drive is a 31-mile portion of old Highway 101, which parallels Freeway 101 with its 51,222 acres of redwood groves. It is by far the most outstanding display of these giant trees in the entire 500 mile redwood belt and is accessible to all with convenient services provided along the way. The Avenue of the Giants is surrounded by Humboldt Redwoods State Park which has the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world. Take time to picnic, camp, hike, swim, fish, raft or bike ride in the cool hush of these ancient redwood forests. 93
    Founder's Grove Nature Loop Trail- Self-guided hike with brochures available at the trailhead. .6 miles  
    Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Center (9-5)
Gould Grove Nature Trail- .6 miles, across from VC
11:50 a.m. Depart: Avenue of the Giants south entrance 29
    (Turn around and go back north on Hwy 101. Take exit 685 right on Hwy 36. Enter I-5 going right/south.)  
3:35 p.m. Arrive: Red Bluff, CA 135
    (Continue on I-5 south. Take exit 553 right on I-505. Enter I-80 going right/west.)  
5:35 p.m. Arrive: Vacaville, CA 132
    (Continue west/south on I-80. Enter I-580/I-80. Take exit 8b onto I-880. Take exit 35 right onto 98th-Airport Dr.)  
6:45 p.m.
Arrive: Oakland Airport 57
4:55 p.m. Depart: Spokane  
  Do: SW Flight 779  
7:00 p.m. Arrive: Oakland, CA  
  Do: Pick-up Barb  
    (Go back out of Airport Dr. Go through Hwy 61/Doolittle Dr. Take the first left on Airport Access Rd. Take the next right on Hegenberger Rd. Past the river on the right.)  
    Chipotle Mexican Grill-go right down to the corner and turn left
Hegenburger-go left about a block-on the left side
  Lodge: Courtyard Oakland Airport $137.79
350 Hegenberger Road
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 568-7600
(King, sofabed, AC, wifi, outdoor pool,  Complimentary OAK airport shuttle 4am-12am daily. )


Day 4 Saturday August 5th  
Option 1:      
8:00 a.m. Depart: Oakland  
    (Go right on Hegenberger Rd. Go right to enter I-880 going north. Continue straight ahead on I-580 north. Cross San Rafael Bay. The freeway will end and become Hwy 101. Take exit 456. Turn left on Lucas Valley Rd/Smith Ranch Rd. Turn left on Pt Reyes Petaluma Rd. It will become Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Go 9.5 miles. Follow road signs "Lighthouse" until you see sign for "North District Operation Center." Turn right and follow the road .25 north to the parking lot. Please park in the parking lot on the left (west) at the north end of the driveway (the end closest to the Historic RCA Coast Station KPH). DO NOT PARK ALONG THE DRIVEWAY, ESPECIALLY NOT ON THE ROOTS OF THESE HISTORIC TREES.)  
10:10 am. Arrive: Point Reyes Lighthouse
Cypress Tree Tunnel-
Planted around 1930, the Monterey cypress that now create the "tree tunnel" at the Point Reyes Receiving Station is a signature landscape feature that evokes some of the prestige that RCA placed in this profitable, historic operation.
The Historic KPH Maritime Radio Receiving Station:
Most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) members welcome visitors and provide guided tours of the Historic KPH Receiving Station from noon to 5 pm. Visitors can experience Morse code being sent and received, and even send a radiogram to someone. Restrooms 12-5
Guglielmo Marconi sited and commissioned the building of a wireless telegraphy transmitting station west of Bolinas and a receiving station in Marshall on Tomales Bay in 1913–14. The Marshall station was supplanted in 1929 to support the growing point-to-point business in the Pacific by a new Art Deco-designed facility at Point Reyes Beach on the "G" Ranch. Few of the succeeding generations of antennas—arranged in "farms"—remain at the two sites. However, the radio equipment, ship-to-shore Morse communications, and teletype—some of it dating to the World War II-era—remains intact, has been restored and made functional, and is used to broadcast on numerous frequencies, including KPH. 

Visitor Center
-(10-4:30) The Lighthouse Visitor Center is located 45 minutes west of Bear Valley on the Point Reyes Headlands, at the end of Sir Francis Drake Blvd. On weekends and holidays from late December through mid-April when visitation by whale watchers to the Point Reyes Lighthouse area is heavy, visitors may be required to ride a shuttle bus from Drakes Beach to the Lighthouse and Chimney Rock areas. There is a 700 meter (0.45 mile) walk (mostly uphill) from the parking lot/shuttle stop to the Lighthouse Visitor Center.
The Lighthouse Visitor Center offers exhibits on the historic Point Reyes Lighthouse, as well as on whales, seals and sea lions, wildflowers, birds and maritime history. A touch table allows visitors to feel baleen and to closely inspect the skulls of various marine mammals. The Fresnel lens from the San Francisco Lightship is also on display. Attached to the Lighthouse Visitor Center is the Ocen Exploration Center, which highlights the spectacularly rich and globally significant ocean environment of North-central California.
Seal Lion Overlook
  • Water: Bring a water bottle. There is a water bottle filling station/water fountain located near the east end of the green garages that are located approximately 100 yards (~90 meters) before one arrives at the Lighthouse Visitor Center. Bottled water is not sold at Point Reyes National Seashore's visitor centers or bookstores.
  • Restrooms: Restrooms are available at the visitors' parking lot from 6 am to midnight and at the east end of the green garages that are located approximately 100 yards (~90 meters) before one arrives at the Lighthouse Visitor Center from 6 am to 10 pm. Be sure to use the restrooms before going down the stairs to the lighthouse.
  • Drones: Launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft, such as drones, from or on lands and waters administered by the National Park Service within the boundaries of Point Reyes National Seashore is prohibited.

  • Parking: Parking is very limited, particularly in the afternoon. If you arrive and find that there are no available spots in the parking lot, you may park parallel to the road east of the parking lot. Please observe all "No Parking" signs and red curbs, and ensure that no part of your parked vehicle is within eight feet (2.4 m) of the center of the road in order to allow other vehicles to use the road without having to cross the center line.
11:45 a.m. Depart: Point Reyes  
    (Go back out on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Turn left on Shoreline Hwy 1. At Valley Ford Rd it will go left. Turn left on Harbour Way. Turn right on Heron Dr. After a while go right on Gull Drive. On the left side.)  
1:15 p.m. Arrive: Bodega Bay 52
Option 2:      
11:30 a.m. Depart: Oakland  
    (Go right on Hegenberger Rd. Go right to enter I-880 going north. Continue straight ahead on I-580 north. Cross San Rafael Bay. The freeway will end and become Hwy 101. In Petaluma continue straight ahead on Redwood Hwy 116. Take exit 479. Turn left on Railroad Ave. Turn right on Stony Point Rd. Go left on Roblar Rd. Turn right on Valley Ford Rd. It will become Hwy 1. At Bodega Bay take a left on Harbour Way. Turn right on Heron Dr. Go right again on Gull Dr. On the left side.)  
1:15 p.m. Arrive: Bodega Bay 77
Both Options:      
1:30 p.m. Do: Family Reunion
560 Gull Dr
Bodega Bay, CA 94923
    (Turn right on Gull Dr. Go left on Heron Dr. Turn left on Harbour Way. Go right on Hwy 1. Go left on Bodega Hwy. Drive a half-mile, then turn right onto Bodega Lane. You'll see the schoolhouse ahead, on the right, at the top of the hill. Private property; visible from the street.)  
    Potter Schoolhouse
17110 Bodega Lane
Bodega, CA
One of the area's filming locations for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." It was here that the birds gathered on the playground. The children then marched out of the schoolhouse, only to run in terror down the street from the bird attack. Although this is the actual schoolhouse from the film, the children actually ran down the street into a restaurant in nearby Bodega Bay. Bodega is about a ten minute drive inland. The schoolhouse is in great condition, but is now a private residence. Although you can't go inside, there's a small parking lot in front where you can get out of your car, take pictures, and re-create your own bird attack. The monkey bars and the next-door home of school teacher Annie Hayworth are no longer here. We had read about portions of the schoolhouse being open for tours and even housing a "Birds" gift shop and museum. Nothing like that exists today. But the photo-ops are priceless!
  Depart: Bodega Bay  
    (Go back on Bodega Lane. Turn left on Bodega Hwy. Go left on Hwy 1/Valley Ford Cutoff. When the highway goes right, continue straight ahead on Valley Ford Rd. Go left on Roblar Rd. Enter Redwood Hwy 116 going right. Take exit 472B continuing on Hwy 116. When the highway goes left, continue straight ahead on Lakeville Rd. Turn left on Hwy 37. Take exit 21A entering I-80 going right/south. Take exit 30A right to enter I-780 going east. Take exit 7B going right onto I-680. Take exit 46 right onto Hwy 24. Take exit 14 right onto Pleasant Hill Rd. Turn right on Quandt Rd. Take the 4th left on Summit Rd.)  
1 hr
52 minutes
Arrive: Lafayette 76
  Lodge: Uncle Dick
1346 Summit Rd
Lafayette CA 94549


Day 5 Sunday August 6th  
  Depart: Lafayette  
    (Go back out on Summit Rd. Go right on Quandt Rd. Turn left on Pleasant Hill Rd. Enter Hwy 24 going right/west. Take exit 2B right onto I-580. Take exit 19A left on I-80. Toll fee $6 to cross the bridge. Take exit 2C right, then left on Fremont. Turn left on Pine. One block past Hwy 101 turn right on Franklin. Turn left on Lombard/Hwy 101. After entering the Presidio, look for The Walt Disney Family Museum on your left. Take exit 439 right, then left. Continue under the highway turning left on Cranston Rd, then right on Marchant to the parking lots, if full.)  
46 minutes Arrive: San Francisco 29
    Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center (9-6) coffeeshop  
    (Continue right on Marchant. Enter Hwy 101 going right. It will become Lombard St. Continue staight ahead.)  
Lombard Street
    (At the bottom of the curves go right on Leavenworth. In a mile go left on Clay. Chinatown is straight ahead.)  
    (Continue straight ahead on Clay. Turn right on Montgomery St. Turn right again on Pine St. Take the one way left on Gough St. Turn right on Fulton. Go left on Steiner St.)  
    Painted Ladies-Alamo Park Full House series  
    (Continue on Steiner St 3 blocks to Fell St. Turn right. Go left through the park on Masonic Ave. Go 2 blocks and turn right on Page St. Go 2 blocks and turn left on Clayton. In 2 blocks.)  
    Haight Ashbury  
    (Turn around on Clayton. Go past Page St. one block to Oak St and turn right. Turn right on Octavia Blvd. It will become Hwy 101. Enter I-80 going left/north. In Oakland take I-580 exit right. Take exit 19C left on Hwy 24/Grove Shafter Frwy. Take exit 14 right. It will circle around. Go right on Pleasant Hill Rd. Turn right on Quandt Rd. Turn left on Summit Rd.)  
26 minutes Arrive: Lafayette 22
  Lodge: Uncle Dick
1346 Summit Rd
Lafayette CA 94549


Day 6 Monday August 7th  
9:15 a.m. Depart: Lafayette, CA  
    (Go back on Summit Rd. Turn right on Quandt Rd. Turn left on Pleasant Hill Rd. Go right onto Hwy 24. Enter I-880 going left/south. Take exit 37. Turn left on Zhone Way/66th. Turn right on San Leandro St. Turn right on 73rd.)  
26 minutes *** Buy game tickets at Oakland box office  hrs. 10am-5pm 21
    (Go back out on 73rd. Turn right on Hegenberger Rd. Enter I-880 going right/north. Enter I-80 going left. Take exit 2C. Continue right, then left on Fremont. Turn right on Howard St. Go left on Embarcadero. Turn left on North Pointe St. Just past Mason on the left.)  
    Cost Plus Plaza Parking Garage
425 North Pointe
$5 Hour/$30 for 12 hours
    (Continue left on North Pointe St. Go right on Columbus. Turn left on North Pointe 3 blocks.)  
35 minutes   Ghiradelli Square (8-9)
900 North Point St
Chocolate Market (8:30-10)
    (Turn right on Polk one block.)  
Tim:   San Francisco Maritime Museum (9:30-5) $10
499 Jefferson
Museum- 900 Beach St
    (Go left on Jefferson. On the right side.)  
  See: The Cannery Shopping Center (10-6 Mon-Sat)
2801 Leavenworth
One of my favorite things to do here is grab some lunch in the courtyard. This space was originally used for the trains coming in and out of the cannery. During the summer, you will find a lively setting with music, comics, and other performers that entertain visitors throughout the day.
    (Go left on Leavenworth. Turn right on Jefferson.)  

Fisherman's Wharf
- Lunch

    (Continue on Jefferson. It will become the Embarcadero.)  
    Pier 39- 23 restaurants and 50 stores. Among the attractions on Pier 39 there is a 7D Experience cinema; the Aquarium of the Bay which is home to San Francisco Bay aquatic animals; the Bay theatre; the Magowan Infinite Mirror Maze; Frequent Flier trampolines; Musical Stairs that look like a piano keyboard and is played by stepping on the "notes"; the historic two-tier San Francisco Carousel and the Sea Lion Center.   
    Cable Car (6 a.m.-midnight) $7 each way or $21 a day  
    (Continue on Embarcadero. At Pier 33.)  
3:50 p.m.   Alcatraz Day Visit $37.25
Experience the Cellhouse. Explore the Island.  Step back in time and experience the legendary island that has been a Civil War fort, a military prison and one of the most notorious federal penitentiaries in US history. This memorable tour includes: 45 minute audio presentation "Doing Time: The Alcatraz Cellhouse Tour," featuring actual correctional officers and prisoners who lived and worked on the Island; orientation video by Discovery Channel; ranger and docent tours; historic gardens and abundant wildlife.
*** Order # 27142777 phone 415-981-7625 (try calling everyday for cancellation  to get ghost tour which is sold out)
    (Walk across the street to Bay St. Follow it to Mason. Turn right and then left on North Pointe to the parking garage.)  
    Cost Plus Plaza Parking Garage
425 North Pointe
$5 Hour/$30 for 12 hours
  Depart: San Francisco  
    (Go right on North Pointe. Turn right on The Embarcadero. Go right on Harrison St and left onto I-80. Take exit 19C onto Hwy 24. Take exit 14. Circle right around onto Pleasant Hill Rd. Turn right. Turn right on Quandt Rd. Go left on Summit Rd.)  
43 minutes Arrive: Lafayette, CA 24
  Lodge: Uncle Dick
1346 Summit Rd
Lafayette CA 94549


Day 7 Tuesday August 8th  
8:00 a.m. Depart: Lafayette  
    (Go back down Summit Rd. Turn left on Quandt Rd. Turn left on Stanley Blvd. It will become Springbrooke Rd. Go left on Camino Diablo. Turn right on Alpine Rd. Turn right on Olympic Blvd. Go right entering I-680. Take exit 12 on the right onto Mission Blvd. Go left onto I-880. Take the Stevens Creek Blvd exit. Go right, then left on Winchester Blvd. On the right side.)  
9:00 a.m. Arrive: San Jose 51
  See: Winchester House Mystery House (9-7)
525 S Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117
Explore More Tour $47 (2.25 hrs)
Following the Mansion Tour and a brief break, guests embark on the Explore More Tour where they will venture from the very bottom of the grand manor to the rooftops, in-between visiting lonely corridors, dark hideaways and foreboding attic spaces.

This home has the reputation for being haunted. Any spirits that may haunt the mansion no doubt favor the quiet, dim, rooms and areas you will visit on this tour, most of which have been undisturbed for more than a century. If you’re sensitive to the paranormal, the destinations on this tour should be to your liking. On the tour you will gradually make your way deeper and deeper into the mansion’s unfinished, unexplained and, some would say, unsettling spaces.

Merchantile: offers an eclectic array of souvenirs, gifts and sundries, plus commemorative photographs. It’s here you can also purchase tour tickets and souvenir photographs.

Winchester Cafe: Whether you’re seeking a simple snack or a full-on meal, the café is sure to satisfy any discerning taste-buds. The menu changes throughout the year as the season’s change and reflects various holidays with traditional food favorites.
2:30 p.m. Depart: San Jose  
    (Continue right/south on Winchester Blvd. Turn left on Tisch Way. Turn left again on S Monroe St. Go right on Stevens Creek Blvd. Go right to enter I-880 north. Take exit 37 right on 66th.)  
3:15 p.m. Arrive:

Ballpark Parking $20
*Monday-Thursday games: Stadium gates open one and a half (1.5) hours prior to scheduled start of the game. Friday-Sunday games: Stadium gates open two (2) hours prior to scheduled start of the game.

  • North Plaza Ramp: Exit Only during giveaways (located behind Section 225)
  • South Plaza Ramp: Exit Only during giveaways (located behind Section 209)
  • Section 120: inside stadium; access to Ticket Services & ATM
  • Section 114: inside stadium; access to Ticket Services
  • C Gate: access to Club Concourse Sections 200-205, Picnic Plaza area, Plaza Reserved (Sections 234-249), Eastside Club, Gate MM, and BART Plaza
  • D Gate: access to Club Concourse Sections 229-234, Plaza Reserved (Sections 234-249), Eastside Club, Gate LL, and BART Plaza.

  Do: Dinner  
7:05 p.m.  
Mariner's Game
Oakland Coliseum
7000 Coliseum Way
  Arrive: Lafayette 13
    (Go out of the parking lot turning right on Coliseum Way. Enter I-880. Take exit 42A right onto I-980/Hwy 24. Take exit 14. Go right on Pleasant Hill Rd. Take a right on Quandt Rd. Go left on Summit Rd.)  
  Lodge: Uncle Dick
1346 Summit Rd
Lafayette CA 94549


Day 8 Wednesday August 9th  
  Depart: Lafayette  
    (Go back down Summit Rd. Turn right on Quandt Rd. Go left on Pleasant Hill Rd. Go right onto Hwy 24. Take exit 15A north on I-680. Take exit 71A onto I-80 going right/east. In Sacramento continue on Hwy 80 alternate/Hwy 50. Take exit 3. After crossing the river go left/north on I-5. Take exit 519B. Go right on J St, left on 5th and left again on l st. Parking on left. Go left out of the parking garage. Turn left on 2nd.)  
1 hr
20 minutes
Arrive: Sacramento 72
    Parking $1.50 hr/$13 a day 6am-6pm, $7 nightly - Metered parking on the streets with 2 hour time limits  
    Old Sacramento- 100 businesses
California Gifts and Shirts- 910 2nd
Visitor Center- 1002 2nd
Candy Barrel-1006 2nd
Old Sacramento General Store-1019 2nd
Old Sac Shirts & Gift-1104 2nd
Off the Wall Novelties- 1106 2nd
O'Malleys Irish Pub-1109 2nd
(Turn right on L Street.)
Candy Heaven- 1201 Front St.
Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum- 1200 Front St.
Karel's Gift Land- 1115 Front St #4
The Old Fashioned Candy and Confectionary Shop-1107 Front St.
Sacramento Sweets Co-1035 Front St
(Go back to K Street and turn left.)
Christmas & Company-116 K St
(Go up to 2nd and turn left. Turn left on l St.)
Candy Land-122 l St.
  Do: Old Sac Letterbox  
    Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Gypsy Letterbox  
    Sherlock Holmes and the Trail of the Gypsy Curse Letterbox (may be missing)  
    (Go back on l St. Make an immediate right on 3rd. In 3 block turn right into the entrance to I-5 north. Take exit 525B onto Hwy 99. Take exit 309. Turn right on Elvert Rd. After passing Elwyn Ave turn right on Elmont. On the right side.)  
18 minutes Do: Visit Ann
7833 Elmont Av
Elverta, CA 95626
    (Go left on Elmont. Turn left on Elverta. Enter Hwy 99 going right/south. Enter I-5 going south. Take exit 522 right on I-80 west. Shortly take exit 85. Go left/south on El Centro Rd. On the left side.)  
  Lodge: Super 8 Hotel Sacramento Airport $96.89
2654 El Centro Road
Sacramento, CA 95833
(2 Queens, Non-smoking, wifi)


Day 9 Thursday August 10th  
8:00 a.m. Depart: Sacramento  
    (Go back south on Gateway Oaks. Turn left on El Camino Ave. Enter I-5 going right/south. Take exit 518 right onto I-80 going east. Take exit 6B right onto Hwy 99 south. Take exit 252B right. Go left onto Golden Gate Ave/Hwy 4. In Copperopolis turn right on Main St. It will become O Byrnes Ferry Rd, then E15. Turn left on Hwy 108/120. It will go right shortly. Continue on Big Oak Flat Rd.)  
11:30 a.m. Arrive: Yosemite National Park $30 165
  Do: Yosemite Valley Shuttle- Free (7-10 pm) every 10-20 minutes
El Capitan Shuttle (9-7) every 30 minutes
  See: Valley Visitor Center (all year): Ranger-staffed information desk, bookstore, Spirit of Yosemite film, and exhibit hall detailing the park's geology, plant and animal life, and history. (Stop 5 or 9)

The Yosemite Museum, next to the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center, has displays that interpret the cultural history of Yosemite's native Miwok and Paiute people from 1850 to the present. Demonstrations of basket-weaving, beadwork, and traditional games are presented. The reconstructed Indian Village of Ahwahnee behind the museum is always open. The art gallery is open periodically and often exhibits pieces from the Yosemite Museum collection. (Stop 5 or 9)

The historic Yosemite Cemetery is located across the street and just west of the Yosemite Museum. People buried here include Native Americans, casual park visitors, and people who played important roles in the development of what is now Yosemite National Park. A Guide to the Yosemite Cemetery is available to borrow or purchase at the Valley Visitor Center. (Stop 5 or 9)

The Ansel Adams Gallery offers work of Ansel Adams, contemporary photographers, and other fine artists. In addition, a wide selection of handcrafts, books, gifts, and photography supplies is available. The Gallery, formerly known as Best's Studio, has been operating in the park since 1902. (Stop 5 or 9)

Yosemite Falls
-A one-mile loop trail leads to the base of Lower Yosemite Fall (the eastern side of the loop, from the shuttle stop to the base of the waterfall, is wheelchair accessible). (Stop 7)

The Nature Center at Happy Isles is a family-oriented nature center that features natural history exhibits (with an emphasis on wildlife) and interactive displays. Nearby are short trails focusing on the area's four different environments: forest, river, talus, and fen. You can also see substantial evidence of the huge 1996 rockfall from the Glacier Point cliff far above the nature center. The nature center is a short walk from the Happy Isles shuttle bus stop, and is open May through September. (Stop 16)

The Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center (formerly LeConte Memorial Lodge), Yosemite's first public visitor center and a National Historic Landmark, is operated by the Sierra Club from May through September and features a children's corner, library, and a variety of environmental education and evening programs. (Stop 12)

The Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly The Ahwahnee, is a famous hotel and National Historic Landmark, is popular even for those not staying there. Completed in 1927, It was built in a rustic style with American Indian motif. Historic paintings of Yosemite, stunning stained-glass windows, and woven tapestries grace the walls. The Great Lounge and Dining Room are architectual examples of rustic elegance. (Stop 3)
  Depart: Yosemite  
    (Go back out the way you came into the park. Turn right onto Big Oak Flat Road. Go right again on Hwy 120.)  
1 hr 40 min Arrive: Tuolumne, CA 55
    Parsons Memorial Lodge and Soda Springs are good places to discover the human and natural history of Tuolumne Meadows and hike to the place where John Muir and Robert Underwood Johnson conceived the idea of establishing Yosemite National Park. This area is an easy one-mile (30 minute) walk from Lembert Dome parking area or from the Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center. (Open late June through early September.)  
    (Continue on Hwy 120. Turn left on Hwy 395.)  
1 hr Arrive: Bridgeport, CA 40
  Lodge: Bridgeport Inn $144.48
205 Main St
Bridgeport, CA 93517
(760) 932-7380
(2 queens, non-smoking, 48 hr. cancellation)


Day 10 Friday August 11th  
8:25 a.m. Depart: Bridgeport  
    (From U.S. 395 seven miles south of Bridgeport, take State Route 270. Go east 10 miles to the end of the pavement and continue 3 miles on an unsurfaced road to Bodie. The last 3 miles can at times be rough. Reduced speeds are necessary. )  
9:00 a.m. Arrive: Bodie 20
  See: Bodie State Historic Park (9-6) $8 each cash or check
Bring own water, outhouse
 California gold-mining ghost town. Visitors can walk down the deserted streets of a town that once had a population of nearly 10,000 people. The town is named for Waterman S. Body (William Bodey), who had discovered small amounts of gold in hills north of Mono Lake. In 1875, a mine cave-in revealed pay dirt, which led to purchase of the mine by the Standard Company in 1877. People flocked to Bodie and transformed it from a town of a few dozen to a boomtown. Only a small part of the town survives, preserved in a state of "arrested decay." Interiors remain as they were left and stocked with goods. Designated as a National Historic Site and a State Historic Park in 1962, the remains of Bodie are being preserved in a state of "arrested decay". Today this once thriving mining camp is visited by tourists, howling winds and an occasional ghost.

Stamp Mill Tour                                                                                                 
Take a 50 minute walk through one of the most intact Stamp Mills in California. You will learn how gold was extracted from quartz and turned into bullion bars. You will see the machine shop, electrical room, amalgam tables and the mighty stamps.  Maximum of 20 people per tour. Reserve your tickets at the museum. $6 per person

Stamp Mill tour times: (May 23rd to September 8th  11:00 am, 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm) 

11:00 p.m. Depart: Bodie  
    (Go back out on Hwy 270. Turn left on Hwy 395. At Mono City go left on Hwy 167. It becomes Hwy 359 in Nevada. At Hawthorne continue through town on E St. and go northwest on Hwy 95. Just outside Fallon go right/east on Hwy 120. When it deadends go left on Hwy 50. Take the first right.)  
1:50 p.m. Arrive: Grimes Point, NV 153
  Do: Grimes Point Letterbox  
2:15 p.m. Depart: Grimes Point  
    (Go back out to Hwy 50 and turn right. It will go left. Just outside Fallon turn right on Cemetery Rd. At the junction go left on Rio Vista Dr. Go left on Airport Rd. Turn right on Hwy 95. Enter I-80 going right/east. Take exit 176. Continue straight ahead. On the right.)  
4:20 p.m. Arrive: Winnemucca, NV 140
  Do: Bagash was in NV Letterbox (cemetery)  
    Viva Italia! Letterbox (cemetery)  
5:00 p.m. Depart: Winnemucca, NV  
    (Continue right on Winnemucca. Turn left on Melarkey/Hwy 95. At Burns Jct. continue right on Hwy 95. At Jordan Valley Hwy 95 will go left/north. Just outside Nampa go right on Hwy 55 towards Marsing. It will go left and right again. Enter I-84 right/south. Take the first exit 35 right. Turn right on Northside Blvd and right again by Dennys on Shannon Drive. On the right side.)  
8:48 p.m. Arrive: Nampa, ID 238
  Lodge: Rodeway Inn and Suites $118.79
130 Shannon Drive
Nampa, ID 83687
(208) 442-0800
(2 Dbl bed, non-smoking)


Day 11 Saturday August 12th  
8:00 a.m. Depart: Nampa  
    (Go back to Northside Blvd and turn left. Enter I-84 going right/east. Take exit 44 right/south on Hwy 69. Turn right on Kuna Rd. At the corner of Swan Falls Rd.)  
8:20 a.m. Arrive: Kuna, ID 18
  Do: Art by Caron Vincent: Royal Flower Letterbox  
  Depart: Kuna  
    (Continue south on Swan Falls Rd. Turn right/west on Kuna Cave Rd. Go left/south on Robinson Blvd. Turn right/west on Dickman Rd. Go left/south on Can Ada Rd. At Base Line Rd it will job left, then right. Turn right on Warren Spur Rd. Go left/south on Sinker Rd to the Snake River.)  
28 minutes Arrive: Melba, ID 21
  Do: Christmas Time Letterbox  
  Depart: Melba  
    (Go back north on Sinker Rd. Turn left/west on Warren Spur Rd. It will become Hill Rd. Go left/west on Ferry Rd. Go left on Hwy 45. Just below Dan's.)  
12 minutes Arrive: Dan's Ferry Service 7
  Do: Cleo's Troll Letterbox  
  Depart: Dan's  
    (Cross the bridge. Turn right on Hwy 78/Marsing Murphy Rd. After a while turn right on Old Bruneau Hwy. In Marsing turn right on 1st to Marsing Island Park.)  
26 minutes Arrive: Marsing, ID 21
  Do: The Big Lizard Letterbox  
  Depart: Marsing  
    (Turn right out of the park and another right on Main St./Hwy 55 crossing the bridge. It will become Sunny Slope Rd and go right. After crossing a river it becomes Karcher Rd. Turn left on Farmway Rd. In Caldwell go right/east on Simplot Blvd. Go left/north on Centennial Way. Go left to enter I-84. Take exit 302 right/east on Hwy 86. Watch for sign to Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.)  
2 hours Arrive: Baker City, OR 123
  Do: Oregon Trail Letterbox  
    Pixie Pied-a-terre Letterbox  
  Depart: Baker City  
    (Go back out to Hwy 86 and turn right/west. Go right on I-84.)  
1 hour
38 minutes
Arrive: Pendleton, OR 98
    (Continue northwest on I-84. Take exit 179 right on I-82. Take exit 113 right on Hwy 395.)  
1 hour
23 minutes
Arrive: Kennewick 70
    (Continue on Hwy 395. Go right onto I-182. Take exit 14. To right onto Hwy 395. At Ritzville go right on I-90.)  
2 hours
15 minutes
Arrive: Spokane 142