Vacations To Go

Volume 17, Issue 2

"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it..."

Solomon's Song 8:7


Winter has finally covered our city in snow. Seems February is always our coldest month.

We have booked another trip to the ocean over spring break. It's a block from our Christmas house with a fantastic view.

The "Italy and the Disney Mediterranean Cruise" trip is coming along. We are working out the details of what we really want to see and how to get there. It's always interesting when you don't rent a car.

If you have ever considered going on a trip with us, now is the time. There are 12 of us going on the Disney Fantasy Cruise for our All Things Disney trip from April 11-18, 2020. There are still rooms should you care to tag along. This is a group trip. We will probably slip in a few days before the cruise to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios/IOA. However, that part is optional.

Please join us whenever you can.

Vacations to Go at your service