Vacations To Go

Volume 17, Issue 3

"For he saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth"

Job 37:6


I would have like to say that spring was coming, but alas more snow is on the horizon.

For the rest of the year I will be putting pictures of the Disney Fantasy on this page. This month is Enchanted Garden, which is one of the 4 free restaurants we will be eating at. Dine in a serene splendor that recalls an elegant conservatory amid the foothills in France. The restaurant is home to custom-glass flower lights, white trellises, ornamental posts and—at the center—a delightful 7-foot tall cascading fountain featuring a fanciful stone cherub Mickey Mouse. Along the walls, frescoes of rolling hills mingling with lush greenery amid a magnificent blue sky add to the idyllic ambience. Dining at Enchanted Garden means you can expect something magical to happen. During the course of your dinner, the restaurant's sweeping ceiling changes from a brilliant blue daytime color into the golden red of a setting sun, transforming finally into a captivating nighttime constellation of twinkling stars. Additionally, flower light fixtures "bloom" and become bathed in color, decorative wall sconces fall away to become folding fans, wall paintings project a dusky illumination and the centerpiece fountain is flooded with shimmering light.

We are heading to the ocean over spring break. It's a block from our Christmas house with a fantastic view. I pray the weather is wonderful with spring.

We will be booking our excursions next weekend for our "Italy and the Disney Mediterranean Cruise". Hopefully they don't book up before we can. We are still trying to find apartments that will allow us to drop off our luggage. We get in much earlier than check-in.

The guys are flying to Seattle over Easter weekend to do Sakuracon, while Ray, Autumn and I listen to a Rick Steves class on the Villages of Italy. Not sure what to do after that.

If you have ever considered going on a trip with us, now is the time. There are 12 of us going on the Disney Fantasy Cruise for our All Things Disney trip from April 11-18, 2020. There are still rooms should you care to tag along. This is a group trip. We will probably slip in a few days before the cruise to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios/IOA. However, that part is optional.

Please join us whenever you can, wherever you can.

Vacations to Go at your service